We have extensive experience and focus in developing smart card solutions. We use Java Platform and Native Smart Card Platform as well. We support customers need in smart card solutions.

Some of our customers :
  1. Civil Servants Electronic ID Card for all Indonesian Government Institutions.
  2. Digital payment and Airport Secure ID Pass Card by Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
  3. Electronic Tax ID Card (Kartin1 Card) by Directorate General of Taxes.
  4. etc.


Supported by highly experienced technical team, we can customize solutions for our customer needs, for example Customized Wrapper for various smart card readers. Our solutions can provide M2M based and Microcontroller based design, in order to support special case usage model, such as payment, access door lock, security area, etc.

Some of our customers :
  1. BNI (the Indonesian State Bank)
  2. TransJakarta
  3. Peruri Digital Security
  4. etc.



SPIN is EDC that can also read Indonesian ID Card and perform biometric verification.

Specification :
  1. Mifare ISO 14443 Type A/B.
  2. Desfire EV1 to 4 , Mastercard Paypass.
  3. Visa payWave, NFC Reader.
  4. Bi-directional, Triple Tracks.
  5. ISO 7816 Contactcard Synchronous and Asynchronous Cards.
  6. EMV Level 1 and 2 type approved.
  7. DES/3DES/RSA Encryption Ready.
  8. Fingerprint Matching Standard : ANSI/INCITS 378, ISO 19794-2 and ILO SID, Extractor & Matcher PIV Level 2.
  9. 3 SAMs Slot and Des/3 Des Or RSA Encryption Ready.
  11. Wireless Connectivity Ready.
  12. Capacitive Touchscreen + Gorillas Glass.
  13. 3 x 5 Numeric Backlit Keypad.
  14. Spill Proof Keypad.
  15. Stonewall Security.
  16. Patented PCI PTS 3x.
  17. Open Tampered Modules.
  18. Embedded Linux OS.
  19. Thermal Paper Printer.

SPIN is certified by BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology), a non-ministrial Government agency under the coordination of the Ministry for Research and Technology of Republic of Indonesia


A contactless smart card reader specifically designed for e-ticketing and e-payment markets, supporting ISO14443 A/B. CSI-SR3 is designed to meet the latest requirements of various smart card applications. The reader is designed for higher security, functionality, performance, easy integration and can be customized designed to meet specific requirements.

The reader is ideal for applications where high encryption, speed and performance are required.

Some features are :
  1. Accept multi bank card payments
  2. Check the validity of the card
  3. Displays card balance
  4. Make a balance deduction according to transaction value
  5. Sending settlement data

Specification :
  1. Dimension :
    1. 165 mm (L ) x 100 mm (W) x 67 mm (H) without additional stand

  2. Display :
    1. 12864 dot-matrix LCD 3" Monocrome or Full Color with backlight 4 LED

  3. GPS Module :
    1. Integrated GPS and supports A-GPS
    2. Supports GPS NMEA protocol
    3. Receiver channels: 22 tracking / 66 acquisition
    4. Coarse/Acquisition code: GPS L1
    5. Tracking sensitivity: -165dBm
    6. Horizontal position accuracy: < 2.5m
    7. Update position rate: 5Hz
    8. Cold start time: 30s (typ.)
    9. Hot start time: 1s (typ.)
    10. Warm start time: 28s (typ.)

  4. Wireless Communication Interface :
    1. GPRS/GSM
    2. Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    3. Standard SIM Card holder
    4. Supports Real Time Clock

  5. Contactless Card Interface :
    1. ISO 14443 Type A & B MIFARE

  6. SAM Interface :
    1. 4 SAM Slots ISO 7816 Class B
    2. ISO/IEC 7816
    3. ISO/IEC 14443
    4. USB 2.0
    5. IEEE 802.11

  7. Micro Controller :
    1. Part number : Atmel ATMega 2560
    2. Program Memory Type : Flash
    3. Program Memory : 256 kByte
    4. CPU Speed : 16 MIPS
    5. RAM : 8,192 Bytes
    6. Data EEPROM: 4096 Bytes
    7. Digital Communication Peripherals : 4 UART

  8. Interface :
    1. USB 2.0 Full Speed RS232 Interfaces

  9. Power Supply :
    1. Regulator untuk supply listrik eksternal 12 volt
    2. Voltage range 5V ~ 26V
    3. Current 2 ampere



  1. Processor : 32-bit ARM CPU
  2. SAM Slot : 1 SAM
  3. Interface : USB 2.0 Full Speed, Micro USB
  4. Contactless Card Interface : ISO 14443 Type A & B MIFARE, Frequency : 13.56 MHz
  5. Smart Card Interface Support : ISO 7816 Class A, B, C (5V, 3V, 1.8V) Frequency : 3.57 MHz
  6. Operating System : Windows, Linux, AndroiD Compliance / Certification : ISO/IEC 7816, ISO/IEC 14443, USB 2.0, Bluetooth Smart, CE, FCC, RoHS
  7. Wireless Communication : Bluetooth Low Energy
  8. Built In Peripheral : 16 keys keypad, 4 LED indicators?12864 dot-matrix LCD display with backlight
  9. Power Source : 3.7 V Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery 320mAH Regulated 5V DC from USB
  10. Operationg Temperature : 0-50 C
  11. Dimension / Weight : 93 mm (L ) x 64 mm (W) x 12 mm (H) / 65 g


IBIN (Indonesian Biometric Identification) is an Indonesian patent AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). IBIN has modular technology platform, that makes IBIN able to be developed with various Template Generator and Matching Engine with Software Development Kit (SDK).

IBIN can search for 1 to1 matching and 1 to many finger print matching searching method.

IBIN Modules :
  1. Enrollment Service.
  2. Image Processor Module.
  3. Dispatcher Module.
  4. Nodes Distribution Modules.
  5. Nodes Balancing Modules.
  6. Nodes Processor Modules.



We provides comprehensive end to end IT solution for Container Damage Survey Analysis and send the result instantly to the Authority. It converts manual-human container damage survey. As result, containers process at Container Port getting more efficient.

We partnership with Sucofindo (SGS) and Surveyor Indonesia, both are state owned surveyor companies. The IT solution for container damage survey will be implemented across all Indonesia container Sea Port.


In growing of the mobile era in Indonesia, we have been developing and supporting our customers who are going Mobile.




We have developed and produced e-Kiosk for our Government, state owned enterprises, and banks.

Some of our e-Kiosk customers :
  1. PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (the major operator of public railways in Indonesia).
  2. BPJS (state owned health insurance).
  3. Banks.
  4. etc.